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About Alvin Ofori-Brown

about-alvin2From a young age I have had a passion for design and computers. It probably all began for me when we got our first home computer back in 1980’s. I was fascinated by it and spent hours reading lines of DOS code and trying to get games to work. My brothers and I were also video game addicts so we were learning about computers and interfaces all the time.  Also with the internet gathering momentum I was always making website designs for mini projects from scratch.

It was clear to me that design was the way forward so having got my GCSE grades I decided to take up Design and Technology for A-Level. Having got my A-Level in design I wanted to go to University and really get started on my career path. I was accepted into Brunel University’s Virtual Product Course where I learned to use design skills to create websites, 2D/3D Animation and programming. Photoshop and Illustrator where my favourite weapons of choice

Upon graduation with honors on my course I left to begin my design career working as a junior architect designer for a small bespoke staircase in Hackney. Working there for a year I got to work on a lot of different products seeing them from concept right through to completion. However my passion was for web design and enjoying spending my free time volunteering as graphic designer to boost up my portfolio, I wanted to move into the field more full time. I left this job to follow the career as design working more with web graphics as opposed to 3D Modeling.

I currently work as a freelance graphic designer in London.

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