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DarkoDesign on Carbonmade

In the past few days I have been looking for somewhere temporary to host my portfolio other than my wordpress site as I work on the backend to build a better structure for it in the future. In my search I found the website Carbonmade which offers a really nice range of features for simple website portfolios. It differs from websites like Behance or Cargo where you need an invite to get an account, I highly recommend it for those just starting out.

Some bits from my portfolio are up there now and you can access this by clicking my portfolio link which now redirects to it. I will be adding to this and fine tuning it over the next few days but wanted to announce that it is there for you to view and any feedback is much appreciated.

Running for Charity

On March the 6th I will be running the Bath Half Marathon to raise money for the charity Guide Dog.

It has been a long several months training but all for a good cause. After speaking with the Guide Dogs I also wanted to do a

This lead me to be inspired to also use my design skills to create a poster to promote the run and give away to anyone who wanted to donate.

I had a lot of fun playing with this and got a lot of support from Guide Dogs when they saw the proof.

If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my justgiving page below. For everyone who makes a donation I will be sending them a 3.7” x 4.7” print of the poster to show my thanks for the support.

Thank you

Raising money for Guide Dogs by running the Bath Half

Hi Gang.

Sorry there hasn’t been many updates on the site over the past month. I have been extremely busy with so many things and new projects to add to the website which you will be seeing in the next couple days.

As some of you who follow me on Twitter might know is that I have been training over the past months to run the Bath Half Marathon on the 6th March. When I decided to do the run I wanted to do it for a good cause and got in touch with Guide Dogs, a charity who help those partial blind or lost their sight to still live enriched lives. The lovely people have really helped me with training and advice and I hope to raise a good sum to their cause. Any donotations will be greatly apperciated and go a long way to helping out this charity. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. I also have designed a poster to promote the run and hope to realease it this week .

Merry Christmas from Darkodesign

Merry Christmas from DarkoDesign

New Darkodesign website still under development

Hi everyone.

Firstly I would love to wish you all a Happy Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the good cheer and spreading the love out there.  As some of you are aware I was hoping to go live with my new website today. Unfortunately due to a few set backs I will be going live in the next few days. I hope to use this website in the future to be the main hub for my work, experimentation, inspiration, tutorials and interaction with you guys.  I am very keen to get this site off the ground so will be working hard inbetween cracker pulling and present opening to bring you this.

So, thanks for your popping by to check it out. Please come back soon for something better once the foundation is built.

Alvin Ofori-Brown, Designer Based in London, UK, I have over four years of creative agency experience producing digital campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.

My areas of expertise are front-end development for email and the web.
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