Graphic Design and Illustration

Striking Video Game Box Art

It is no secret that I am a big fan of video games. I have been playing them since before I can remember and have gathered quite a collection over the years.

In this day and age we are over-saturated with information on video games. Before even considering buying a game you can learn everything about it from reviews, walkthroughs, adverts etc. The list goes on and on. But back in the old days before the internet when you purchased a game you would have little to no idea whether it would be good or bad. Some games had TV advertisements and featured in game magazines. But let’s say you missed all that and you stood in a shop ready to purchase a new game. What would you go for?

Box art played a huge part in telling a story and getting potential buyers to pick up the game. To add on top with other games competitors gunning for the same, box art had to be striking and innovative.

Sadly it is quite different from today where shelves are over-stacked with games which most have 3D generated characters and hardly any real game information on the back because it is expected you have researched before you buy. But you can still find gems out there.

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