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Hi. My name is Alvin Ofori-Brown and I design stuff with my computer. professional creative design and development

I am a Freelance Web/Graphic Designer working in London. I have a real passion for design and marketing. I love making colorful designs that catch the eye and imagination whilst making them as fruitful and accessible as possible from a marketing position. On the flip side I enjoy technical aspects like coding and troubleshooting. I have a diverse portfolio showcasing work with a wide range of clients and many of my own self-initated projects. I find myself just as excited starting new design projects as implementing modifications to existing projects. Learn more about me...

A collection of my personal/commercial design projects
Indigo Radiation
Harry Potter Poster
Chemical Bliss Flyer
Lloyd James Cordis Pool Night

I love the web and especially social media networks.

Here's a few other places you can find me on the internet

Between the Waves

Between-the-Waves_Work_by_DarkoDesignEveryday we hear thousands of different and unique sounds. Some we are familiar with and others new. Sound itself is the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain. But sometimes what is between the sound waves is just as important, powerful and subtle. Take a second to listen between the waves. Between-the-Waves_Work2_by_DarkoDesignBuilt in Illustrator and touched up in Photoshop at 18” by 24”. Variation in four colours.Between-the-Waves_Work3_by_DarkoDesigniPhone Wallpaper
Green     Blue     Red     Purple

Natural Watercolour Wallpaper

Natural-Watercolour_Poster_DD-588_by_DarkoDesignToday I just released my Natural Watercolour poster and wanted to also get the design out to people as a wallpaper. Please enjoy, share and if you like my work leave me a comment.

Natural-Watercolour_Wallpaper_DD-588_by_DarkoDesignHere are the links:

Merry Christmas from DarkoDesign

Christmas time is here and decided to do some simple Illustrations. Will release one every day up to Christmas. This one is titled ‘Got to catch Santa’. If you like it then share with your friends.

Got To Catch Santa by DarkoDesign
Santa's been-clamped by DarkoDesign
Wario-mas by DarkoDesign

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings.

Happy Halloween 2014


Another Halloween night is upon us where the walls between reality and the supernatural are at their weakest. So to all Happy Halloween, may your treat bags be full and your tricks scare.

The sun is out and creativity is about

Space is warped and time is bendable by darkodesignIt has been a while hasn’t it. Honestly my site has gathered a thick layer of dust in the past year but today no more. The sun is out and the creative juices are flowing so I’ll be bringing new content weekly as well as updates and new sections to the site. I have a few new ideas I would like to try out and see plus new work to my portfolio. So check back for updates and remember…Space is warped and time is bendable.

Alvin Ofori-Brown, Designer Based in London, UK, I have over four years of creative agency experience producing digital campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.

My areas of expertise are front-end development for email and the web.
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